View DMX light ambiences

(Light settings - all pallets)
Menü: (../images/Menu/Menu_DMX.png DMX Light) -> (../images/Menu/Menu_DMXSceneView.png DMX Light ambiences)

The view can be used to create and  manage light ambiences (lighting settings, light scenes).

The basic idea of this program is:
  1. In a light ambience, all currently set values of all channels of all lamps are stored (all pallets).
  2. No parameters are stored here, e.g. fade in or fade out times.
  3. A light ambience, can be dragged with the mouse into the timeline or into the jingle window and becomes a light object there.
  4. In light objects, e.g. Fade-in / out, fade parameters can be set.
  5. A plurality of light objects can be generated from a light ambience, which use all the same channel values (of the light ambience), but e.g. different fade parameters.
This allows you to use a light ambience in different locations, each with different behaviors.
A saved light ambience can be dragged into the timeline with the mouse. In the Timeline, a light object is created out of the light ambiece and parameters (in-fill, fade, etc.) can be set. If a light 
ambience is drawn several times into the timeline, several independent light objects with their own parameters are always created with the channel values of this light ambience. This means that parameters can be set separately for each light object, but a change in the light ambience affects all light objects.

Except in the Timeline, lighting tints can also be dragged into the jingle window.

In the DMX stage view, you can set all the lamps until you have the desired light for a light ambience.
You can now save these settings with 
AddScene as a new lighting ambience.
The list shows all the stored light ambiences. A light ambience can be selected with a mouse click, it is then highlighted in blue.

AddScene A new light ambience is generated and the current channel values (actually the controller values of the DMX stage view) of all lamps are stored.
The newly created light ambience thus already contains all set lamp values!
LightToScene A selected light ambience is overwritten with the current channel / controller values of the DMX stage view.
DeleteScene A selected light ambience is deleted.
ATTENTION: The light objects that use this light ambience are deleted from the Timeline and the Jingle window!
Button_DMXScene_ClearUnused Deletes all light ambiences that is used neither in the timeline nor in jingles.
Copies the selected light ambience.
Button_DMXDeviceFilter If a light ambience is selected, the stage view opens and the lamp filter is set to the selected light ambience.
Only the lamps whose dimmer is on in this light ambience (dimmer value> 0) will be displayed.
Button_TimelineSelection When a light ambience is selected, all the objects in the timeline are selected, which use this light ambience and the timeline is brought to the foreground.
ShowScene The channel values of the light ambience are sent to the lamps, the current light is overwritten with the values from the light ambience.
Exception: If the editing mode ../images/Timeline/Button_CursorEditMode.png of the Timeline is activated, only the controllers of the DMX stage view are set according to the light ambience, but no values are sent to the lamps.
ResizeFrame Change the window size


Filter light ambiences

You can filter light ambiences according to various criteria:

  Text field for the search text Here you can enter a search text. The light ambience filter automatically switches to the 'Text Filter'.
If you delete the search text, the filter automatically changes to 'All'.
Filter selection All All light ambiences are displayed.
Text Filter Only light ambiences whose names or descriptions contain the search text are displayed.
Used Only light ambiences that are used in light objects (DMX objects) of the timeline or in DMX jingles are displayed.
Lamp Group Selection Only light ambiences are displayed in which at least one of the lamps of the selected lamp groups is on (dimmer value > 0).
Lamp Selection Only light ambiences are displayed in which at least one of the selected lamps is on in the DMX stage view (dimmer value > 0).
Timeline Selection Only light ambiences used by the selected objects in the timeline are displayed.
Jingle Selection Only light ambiences used by the selected light jingles (DMX jingles) are displayed.
Object Group Selection Only light ambiences used by the selected object groups are displayed.
Inverts the selected filter If a filter is selected, the filter can be inverted by clicking on this button.
The frame turns red.