View Timeline Objectgroups

Timeline : ( open window object groups) 

Here, object groups can be managed.
An object group can contain a selection of the timeline and is used to restore a selection in the timeline.
This does not save the objects themselves, but only the selection made.
In the timeline, you can select objects so that you do not always have to make such a selection, you can use AddScene to create a new object group.

AddScene A new object group is created and all selected timeline objects are added to the group.
Attention: A object group does not save the timeline objects.
If an object is deleted from the timeline, it will also be removed from the object group.
The object group is only used to restore a selection.
LightToScene Overwrites the selected object group with the timeline selection.
(If only one object group is selected.)
DeleteScene A selected object group is deleted.
Button_DMXScene_ClearUnused Deletes all empty object groups.
A object group may be blank if it was created / overridden while no objects were selected in the timeline, or if all its objects in the timeline were deleted.
Creates the object groups automatically.
For each main scene bridge of the timeline, a group is created.
All objects that are between the main scene bridge and the next main scene bridge are added to the group.
Attention: If objects extend over several main scene bridges, these are not considered.
Selects the objects of the selected object group on the Timeline.
ResizeFrame Handle for changing the window size

If an object has been deleted in the timeline, all object groups that contain the deleted object are displayed with an orange frame.

This is an indication that the object group is no longer in its original state.

Saving object groups

1.) All object groups are saved with the project.
2.) If parts of a project are exported (selection from the timeline), then all object groups whose objects are all selected are also exported.