liveSHOWsoftware for Windows and Mac

liveShow is an innovative Software for theatre, cabaret, vaudeville, events, Presentations, ...

liveShow combines for the first time:

  • Sound Playback
  • professional DMX-Lightcontrol
  • Mediaprojections

Sound, Light, Media - all in one

Whether you want to control only sound playback or only light or just media presentations or combinations of sound, light and media for your show, the liveSHOWsoftware offers you an easy-to-learn way.

Easy and logical

Simply arrange the complete show in a common timeline, as you know from music or video editing programs - What You See Is What You Get -

The software is easily operated, but extensive enough to comply professional standards.

Freely express your creativity

Put anytime fade transitions and structure in this simple way your show. Content can be used and copied several times.

Comfortable controlling

The sequence of the show can be controlled via the computer, but also via an Android smartphone and / or remote control via a simple wireless mouse.



You can open sound files and drag the entire piece of music or just parts of it into the timeline. There you determine the fade in and fade out behavior and define scene transitions. - Done!

Simple cuts can be made directly in the live show software.

Professional DMX-Lightcontrol

In stage view you can add DMX devices, the devices can be adjusted via the integrated mixer. Save your settings as light ambience. You can drag any light into the timeline as often as you like. There you determine the fade in and fade out behavior and define scene transitions. - Done!

Several DMXUniversen are possible.


You can open image, text, or video files and drag the content or parts from it into the timeline. There you determine the fade in and fade out behavior and define scene transitions. - Done!

Cross-fading is therefore a child's play and also transparent content is no problem.

Media projections can also be distributed to several external computers (liveSHOW MediaServer), the liveSHOWsoftware controls via Lan / WLAN these external media servers The liveShow media server software is included and runs on all three operating systems. Thus, e.g. the liveSHOWsoftware run on a MAC and the liveSHOW_MediaServer software on a WIndows computer.


The complete show with all sound, light and media elements is arranged in the timeline. Here you can match everything exactly. The peculiarity here are releasable fade transitions - scenebridges. With a scenebridge, you can determine the transition from one sound, light, and media sequence to the next.


A scene book is automatically created from the scene transitions (scenebridges). You can also enter the stage instructions here. With the scene book you can control your show easily and comfortably.


Jingles are sound, light, or media objects you can play at any time in the running show. If you need a drum whirl, spectator light or an image fade, etc, this works with jingles easily.


You can remotely control the show process in three ways:

  • with a simple wireless mouse
  • with a presenter
  • or very comfortable with an Android-Smartphone/Tablet (the Android-APK is included).


The live SHOW software is MIDI capable. MIDI commands can be received or sent with the SPIT_MIDIClient extension. The SPIT_MIDIClient software may also run on another computer.

You can e.g. use a MIDI controller to remotely control liveSHOW software or send MIDI trigger commands to other MIDI devices from the liveSHOWsoftware.

System requirements/Installation

The liveSHOWsoftware is coded in Java. There is no need to install the software.


  • Windows 7 or later, Mac OSX Yosesmite or later
  • at least 4 GB of RAM
  • the Java-Runtime JRE (Mac OSX needs the Java JDK) must be installed (Version 8 or higher)
  • to control DMXdevices you need a DMX-Hardware-Interface:
    DMX4All-USB-Interface, Enttec USB Pro, Eurolite USB DMX Pro MK2 (only Windows) or a LAN-Interface with ACN 1.31 Support (for excample Sandbox).
    If other interfaces become known which disclose the USB protocol and buffer DMX values, we will include them.
  • if you want to play videos, you have to install the free VLC-Player, Version 2.2.2 - 2.2.8 (VLC Player Version 3 or higher is currently causing problems).
    To play FullHD-videos, a powerful computer is required (Intel Core i5 6400 CPU, 8 GB RAM and SSD-Harddrive - or better).
    4K videos do not currently run smoothly.
  • Optional an Android device (Android Version 4.0 or later) to operate by remote

The liveSHOWsoftware is not completely tested under Linux, but may still work.